The CPO Leadership Agenda: Exploring Challenges, Solutions, and Evolutions in Procurement in 2024

With the new year already in full swing, boardrooms are abuzz with pertinent questions, existing geopolitical disputes continue while new ones emerge, and new technologies rapidly enter the market. There’s never been a more challenging, yet opportunistic moment to be a leader in procurement.

In this episode, Kathleen Harmeston, a seasoned CPO, Business Transformation Advisor and Non-Executive Director, sits down with Richard McIntosh to map the evolving role of procurement in 2024 and beyond, offering insights into topics like how procurement leaders can better respond to geopolitical and market changes, enhance their digital readiness, develop leadership skills, and more.

You’ll learn:

1. How to align procurement with the corporate strategy for better outcomes
2. How digital systems can enable more strategic, data-driven approaches in procurement
3. How procurement is evolving and how it can add more value in 2024
4. How to prepare procurement teams for a future of strategic importance


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