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  • Menopause – Navigating Through The Maze and The Haze 

    Navigating through menopause can feel like wandering through a maze, but with the right support and understanding, women can emerge from the haze stronger than ever. In the UK, where approximately 4.4 million women aged 50-64 are in employment, addressing menopause in the workplace is crucial. Recent surveys reveal that menopausal symptoms often lead to…

  • “O Gentle Sleep! Nature’s Soft Nurse…”

    Many of us will have experienced difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep (insomnia) at some point, either due to stress, a new baby, injuries, jet lag, night shifts, or the effects of too much caffeine and alcohol. In fact some consider it a normal part of daily life, and describe it as starting the day backwards,…

  • Executive Health Optimisation – Look After Your Biggest Business Asset

    Life in the fast lane can get pretty stressful and overwhelming at times, at any age, and in any walk of life, so how do we manage our way through