Meaningful Lives For Powerful Results

A word from Kathleen

“I’m all about letting my work do the talking, but sometimes, it’s the voices of my clients that truly capture the essence of our collaboration. Their words are a testament to the quality, dedication, and creativity that I pour into every project. I’m humbled by the trust they’ve placed in me, and I’m thrilled to present their thoughts and stories here for you to explore. Together, we’ve brought visions to life, and their testimonials are a heartfelt reflection of those successful partnerships.”

Group COO FTSE 100

“Thank you very much for your excellent leadership, and for binding the Group together. Always composed, friendly, knowledgeable… and always ready for a good laugh. At no moment have we felt that you were “temporary” – quite the contrary. I wish you all the best in your new endeavours! It was a true pleasure working with you.”

Group CEO FTSE 100

“You have added a lot of value in a short space of time- thank you. More than that, the tributes from your colleagues show that you brought your heart and soul to the role and for that I thank you even more!”

Group FD FTSE 100

“A truly inspirational leader. I will certainly miss the “same page” conversations we have shared not only on strategy and forward thinking, but also the here and now.”

Transformation Director FTSE 100

“Thanks for everything you’ve done and the leadership you’ve shown to pull the team through a hugely disrupted and challenging period. Always respectful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, insightful and fair, a great role model and an inspiration to many. The personal commitment and time investment required to make your role successful did not go unnoticed by me.”