New CPOs In Post : The 90 Day Challenge

Stepping into the role of Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) offers unique challenges and opportunities. The first 90 days are pivotal, setting the stage for your strategic vision and operational priorities. This short window is critical for setting the stage for your strategic vision and operational priorities. Effective interaction with key stakeholders, especially the CFO and the Board, is crucial for aligning your goals with theirs.

During these first 90 days, you will be gathering large volumes of data to mold a credible savings plan for the fiscal year, design a potential 18-24 month strategy playbook on how procurement can support the business operationally and strategically, and define your team’s role in the business.

It’s an intense yet satisfying period of your tenure, which naturally provides a remit to showcase how supportive and strategic the procurement function can be.

Selling the benefits of the savings plan and emerging strategy to your team, key stakeholders, and board is probably the most challenging task you will face initially. It requires confidence and experience to lock in the key success factors for the delivery of the plan and lead the charge, allowing for course correction along the way.

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