Managing Menopause In The Workplace – Common Sense Prevails

In the UK, approximately 4 million women aged 45 to 55 are employed, with women over 50 being the fastest-growing segment of the workforce. The government’s Women and Equalities Committee highlighted in 2021 that one in 10 women surveyed had left their jobs due to overwhelming menopause symptoms, emphasiSing the need for better support from employers.

Midlife is a transformative period, where women are keen on personal growth and exploring new opportunities. Research shows that 900,000 women left their jobs due to menopause symptoms, reflecting the challenges many face in the workplace.

Women over 45 bring valuable skills and experience to the table, making them an asset in any organisation. Forward-thinking employers are recognising the importance of supporting women through menopause to retain talent and avoid unnecessary turnover.

Implementing simple policies and providing education on menopause to line managers can make a significant difference in retaining experienced female employees. It’s not just good business sense; it’s the right thing to do.

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